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Champions of Russia in the bartenders’ art go to Prague


Moscow international exhibition Russian Bar Fair 2013, organized by the Asti Group Exhibition Company and the Bartenders Association of Russia came to the end.
The most spectacular event of the show was the qualifying round of the World Cocktail Championship 2013 among bartenders. The WCC 2013 itself will be held in August 16-22, 2013 in Prague (Czech Republic), where for the champion’s title will be fighting the representatives of 55 countries of the world.
There were 20 participants in the qualifying round, winners of the regional qualifying rounds of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Khabarovsk, Tyumen, Bratsk, Irkutsk, Omsk, Barnaul, Orenburg, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Belgorod, Oryol, Kaliningrad and St Petersburg and Moscow.
The competition lasted for two days under the watchful eye of an authoritative international jury, which consisted of: Sergey Lankin, renowned bartender and mixologist (Moscow); Rajtis Akerblums - President of the Federation of bartenders of Latvia; Leonardo Leucio ‒ the famous Roman mixologist, winner of the Grand Marnier Competition championships in 2010 and Diageo bartender lab Competition 2010 (Italy); Gianfranco Spada ‒ famous bartender and mixologist from Rome (Italy).
The best Russian bartenders demonstrated their skills in all aspects of bartending art ‒ from the knowledge of a foreign language to the technology of serving beer, coffee, alcoholic drinks and cocktails.
Traditionally, competition has revealed the winners in two categories: «Classic» and «Flaring».
In the «Classic» the best was acknowledged Stepan Balabanov from Moscow, who demonstrated technical mastery of cooking and excellent taste of cocktail. In the «Flaring» excelled Vitaly Kolpin of St. Petersburg, who demonstrated during the performance inimitable artistry and brilliant skill in juggling bartending tools.
On April 25, bartenders competition continued in form of Junior talent cup, which took place for the first time at such a representative exhibition. Young talents from specialized educational institutions of Moscow and the Moscow region competed in the «Classic» nomination, where for 7 minutes it was necessary to prepare three cocktails with a unique recipe that each participant had to come up with himself. First place in the competition won Jaroslav Vlodzyanovsky, his cocktail jury found to be the best.
The exhibition also hosted a fascinating workshops and seminars from recognized guru of bartending art.
Master-class «Performance without intermission», which was run by Beck Narsi, Manager of the City Space Bar & Lounge, the founder of Russian Cocktail Club, and Tristan Stephenson, the famous mixologist, founder of bar Purl in London and one of the directors of  Fluid Movement company, concerned first of all, «emotional chemistry» of hospitality and the rules of behavior of bartenders to their guests. The error of our mixologists, according to Beck Narsi, is that they serve a drink, not a guest. While the guest is the most important person in any bar, and everything should be done to create a comfortable atmosphere in general for every visitor. This is the key to success of any institution.
Sergei Omelyanenko at his master class «Perfect Serve or trend of supply» demonstrated different ways of cooking and serving cocktails based on the drinks produced by the Group of Companies KIN.
Surprisingly interesting both from a historical and cognitive points of view was the master class «Speak Easy in Italian» run by Leonardo Leucio, the owner of «Jerry Thomas» bar in Rome. He briefed the guests with his concept of bars development. The main thing, in his opinion, is the idea of a bar, based on which you can gain the confidence and popularity among the visitors. Having studied the experience of leading bars in different countries, and based on the history of the beverages in Italy itself, he found that in his homeland always were popular bitters or drinks based on herbs. Developing this idea, Leonardo Leucio has made great strides and achieved popularity not only in his own country but also far beyond its borders.
Seminar on «Effective Team: Steps to creating» which was run by Sergei Tsyro, president of the Russian Association of Barmen, interested both owners of bars and restaurants, as well as those who only think about creating their own business in this direction. On the example of one institution was shown in detail the concept of team creation, depending on the structure of visitors and status of restaurant or bar, the most likely way of material incentives of employees, the strategy of behavior of managers and staff, as well as methods of management to achieve maximum efficiency in the work.
Professional visitors have noted a high level of bar industry in Russia. Based on global trends, our bartenders, bar and restaurant owners are trying to promote new and original ways both in management structures and in attraction of customers.
According to Nariner Bagmanyan, the president of the Asti Group Exhibition Company the aim of Russian Bar Fair 2013 has been reached, all events were held at the highest professional level. We have much to learn from foreign professionals, but we can also show our own skills, says Nariner. We wish our bartenders victory at the World Cocktail Championship 2013 in Prague!
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Source:  Asti Group Exhibition Company Press Service

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